Welcome to ICOLD 2015
13 - 20 June in Stavanger

With its 4 000 river courses and 250 000 lakes, Norway is a blessed country when it comes to electricity production from hydropower. An installed capacity of 27 000 MW ensures that virtually all electricity consumption is covered from hydropower. Hence, hydropower is one of Norway´s most important natural resources. This has been an important factor in the favourable economic development of the country for the last century.

More than 1 000 hydropower stations, including nearly half of the world´s underground power plants, 330 large dams, an active dam and hydropower sector, with power companies, manufacturers, major consulting and engineering companies, contractors and R&D institutions, provide an excellent framework for international gatherings in Norway. In addition the scenic surroundings of Western Norway, with its fjords, mountains, glaciers and rivers constitute a breath-taking framework of the Stavanger events.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Norway in June 2015!

Welcome to ICOLD Norway 2015!

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