Welcome message from the ICOLD President

I am delighted to welcome on behalf of ICOLD, delegates from the National Committees of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD), Dams and Reservoirs Experts and Specialists and their accompanying persons to the 25th CONGRESS and 83rd Annual meeting of ICOLD to be held in STAVANGER, NORWAY by June 2015.

The 25th Congress of ICOLD will be held in Norway which is one of the success stories in the fields of Water resources and Hydropower harnessing through Dams and Reservoirs.  Norway is one of the Countries relying for more than 90% for its electricity supply on a very clean and renewable energy as Hydropower.  In the process of developing its huge water resources, the Norwegian engineers and Professionals have accumulated an important experience, knowledge and knowhow which are well known worldwide. The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute works is well known within the profession.  The city of STAVANGER which will host the Congress and Annual meeting is known as a very beautiful and enjoyable place in Norway.

Delegates to the 25th Congress and 83nd Annual meeting will have the opportunity to share with our friends of Norway the lessons learnt from these achievements for the advancement of the art and science of Dams and water storage infrastructures which need to be developed further to address the increasing need  and complex challenges the profession is facing today due to the global change impacts in term of the rapid increasing and urbanization of the world population, the adverse effects of climate change and the challenges of improving the life conditions of billions  of people lacking of basics services of water and clean and cheap energy worldwide.

The 25th Congress of ICOLD will be a major event for the Dams, Water resources development and management and all professionals interested worldwide. Delegates will come from the around one hundred country representing more than 99% of stock of Dams and water storage infrastructures of the world. One can say that this congress will be a worldwide event counting as a milestone in the water, energy and irrigation community agenda.

The congress will have to discuss four major questions related to Innovation in utilization of Dams and Reservoirs,  Spillways design considering uncertainties in floods evaluation, gates  related incidents and extreme floods management, Embankment Dams and tailing Dams considering the new development in very high rockfill dams, innovative design in embankment dams, risk related to foundations and interface between concrete and earth works and finally Upgrading and re-engineering of existing Dam to extend and improve the services provides by these long lasting infrastructures. Dams can provide services for centuries and sometimes for a millenary so there is a need for a continuous improvement of the dam’s structures and functions.

This is to say that the 25th Congress of ICOLD will provide the opportunity for the profession to work for the advancement of the art and science of dam and reservoirs and will address new emerging issues to prepare the profession to provide the responses to the requirement of societies and change in the nature behavior with the multiplication of extreme events.

Our friends of the Norwegian Committee on Large Dams are working to make your stay in Norway a very fruitful and enjoyable trip which will offer to you the opportunity to share knowledge but also to share the rich culture of the Norwegian people and to discover the magnificent nature that the nature has endowed this country. For this purpose pre and post congress tours are planned and many social and cultural events will be proposed to delegates and their accompanying persons during the congress time.

I would like to join my voice to the Norwegian committee on Large Dams and encourage you to come in STAVANGER in June 2015 where ICOLD family and the Norwegian Committee on Large Dams will be happy to welcome you and make your stay enjoyable and productive.


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