Invitation from the Managing Director of ICH

It is my pleasure on behalf of the International Centre for Hydropower, ICH and our collaborating partner the Norwegian National Commission On Large Dams, NNCOLD, to invite you to Stavanger, Norway for the joint 7th International Conference on Hydropower and the 83rd ICOLD Annual Meeting and 25th Congress. These two major hydropower events will take place on 13–20 June 2015.

In order to offer a unique professional experience, ICH and NNCOLD have combined forces to form a joint conference with common pre-/post-conference tours, harmonized topics and a discount on the registration fees for those who attend both events. We have earlier partnered with NNCOLD on co-organising ICOLD events.
Undoubtedly the largest hydropower and dams event of 2015, this joint conference will present a unique platform to exchange ideas and experiences as well as foster knowledge sharing with hundreds of colleagues and peers from around the world.

The conference technical programme ensures comprehensive, vibrant and inspiring content, and will feature an impressive array of international keynote and sessional speakers.
Carefully selected site visits and interesting technical tours in spectacular settings will also be offered to both conference participants and accompanying persons who will have their own special programme offering a wonderful way to explore the natural beauty of the Stavanger area.
We look forward to welcoming you to Stavanger and to your active participation and valued contribution.
Tom Solberg
Managing Director, ICH

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